Forced Performance Turbochargers

Forced Performance began in 1996 and since then has pioneered Race Proven Turbochargers for Direct Fit and Custom Applications. Forced Performance begins their commitment to excellence with thorough R&D on every custom turbo combination they offer.

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Garrett Turbochargers

Garrett’s turbo portfolio covers the widest engine range in the automotive industry. From micro turbos for small cars to large turbos for off-highway equipment, Garrett’s line-up offers the world’s auto manufacturers boosting solutions for gasoline, diesel, CNG, hybrid powertrains and hydrogen fuel cells.

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Xona Rotor Turbochargers

Xona Rotor was born out of a passion for continually raising the bar of performance turbochargers. From pioneering billet compressor wheels, lightweight stainless steel bearing housings and the groundbreaking UHF turbine wheel, Xona Rotor leads where others follow. Let our decades of motorsport turbocharger experience take you across the finish line first.

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