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Shearer Fab's roots started back in 2000 when we started building random parts for our street cars at night and over the weekends. Our group of car buddies were an enthusiastic group always messing with our little turbo 4 cylinders. My old beater Talon ran 11.33@126 back then. Was pretty damn fast for it's time. In 2003 Shearer Fabrications came to life as I took my life long passion for Mechanical Design and merged it with some of my newly discovered fabrication skills. Bringing my ideas and creations to life has truly become a life changing experience for me. With a drive and passion to be the best we can be our parts continued to get nicer in design, performance and quality throughout the years. Today I feel we offer one of the highest quality products on the market with years of design and fabrication experience under our belt.

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Our approach to running Shearer Fab is fairly simple. Do What You Love and touch on a couple other key points. Everything else will naturally fall into place.

  • Have fun. Happy employees = quality product = happy customers.
  • Passion. Bleed passion into what you do. Embrace the passion within others.
  • Inspire. It's contagious. Tap into your passion. Look up to others. Pass it on.
  • Perfection. A never ending pursuit. Both in design and manufacturing quality.
  • Focus. Stay focused on customer needs and the job at hand.

Conceptualization, Design, Engineering, Fabrication and Machining.


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Support Staff
Support Staff

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Email: sales@shearerfabrications.com Email: sales@shearerfabrications.com Email: sales@shearerfabrications.com Email: sales@shearerfabrications.com
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